Biotechnology Executive Search

We are truly fortunate to be witnessing the Golden Age of Medicine!  GeneCoda® is passionate about connecting seasoned professionals to inspirational science that might cure or ameliorate disease.
Biotechnology, the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make products, is generating novel approaches such as gene therapy and gene editing that hold the promise of curing disease.

Many of our small and mid-sized biotechnology clients are working on novel approaches to rare disease and drug delivery. Through continuous education and constant client interaction, we understand challenges faced by biotechnology companies including patient recruitment, manufacturing scale-up, regulatory pathways and reimbursement issues.

GeneCoda® has recruited for dozens of biotechnology sponsors across a broad spectrum of functional roles including R&D, pre-clinical, clinical, manufacturing and commercial roles. If you have experience working for a biotechnology company or game-changing experience in academic research, we invite you to submit your resume  so that we can proactively contact you as opportunities arise.