Alternative Recruitment Strategies: Finding Talent in a Modern Market

Alternative Recruitment Strategies Finding Talent in a Modern Market

Recruitment can feel like a never-ending cycle that just doesn’t produce the results you need, especially if you are in the life science industry, and with 56% of executives saying that hiring is their biggest challenge, it’s time to start looking for new ways to reach the right candidates.

The good news is that there are plenty of great candidates out there to enhance your business – you’ve just got to know how to appeal to them in this modern market. Rather than sticking to traditional, tried, and tested methods, we’ve shared some of the most exciting alternatives you can use to find the talent your company needs – take a look now.

Build a Brand That Appeals to Candidates

Many companies think that when they have a job vacancy all they need to do is advertise and then watch as the applications roll in. However, in this modern world, candidates need to feel an affinity with a company before they are willing to work for them.

Take the opportunity to focus on building your company brand, making it clear to candidates what you stand for and what you value so that they will know who they are going to work for. By building a strong brand, you are more likely to end up with candidates who share your values, making your workplace stronger and happier than ever.

Think About Internal Pipelines

An alternative recruitment strategy that works is investing in the development of your current employees so that you have an internal pipeline that you can use to funnel people into new roles. While this won’t replace the need for external candidates, it will give you the ability to nurture and promote talent that you won’t want to lose to your competitors.

The best employee development programs are ones that put employee needs at the heart of what they do. This means providing opportunities that people will want to engage with and ensuring that you are offering high-quality training that can’t be found elsewhere.

Use Digital Platforms to Your Advantage

Technology is at the heart of most business processes these days, meaning that you should also be using it to your advantage when it comes to recruitment. Social media networking, looking for candidates online, and advertising your brand and opportunities on popular platforms will all help you to find the people you need.

The great thing about mixing up your digital recruitment strategy is that you will reach new audiences as well as lowering the costs of advertising that you are currently spending – ensuring you hire the workforce you need with less stress than ever before.

Online presence when it comes to recruitment has given rise the development of Talent Communities. These are networks of a targeted group of potential candidates that are usually categorized based on their demographic information, academic achievement, job experience, the types of roles they have been interested in and companies they have worked for.

The benefits of developing a Talent Community include ‘top of mind awareness’. By sharing information, blogs, photos, company updates and more, your potential candidates are constantly being reminded about your organization. When they choose to be proactive in looking for a new role, the company that is most prominent in their mind is often the one they will look to first.

Make Diversity a Priority

Inclusivity and diversity are crucial components in successful recruiting, ensuring that your focus is on finding the right candidate rather than doing things the way they have always been done. When you consider that only six companies on the Fortune 500 list had a black CEO in 2022, it’s clear that there is an opportunity for your business to make more progress than ever before when you are willing to look beyond a stereotypical idea of what the right candidate is.

Start by looking beyond the traditional candidates that you typically review and think about hiring from different fields and specialties. You can also look at hiring underrepresented groups or using a non-biased recruiting strategy to make your workplace one that shows that diversity is a strength.

At GeneCoda®, we support many clients with changing their recruiting practices in order to find fresh talent – reach out to find out what we can offer to help you do the same!