Are Jobs Redundant? Moving Towards Skills-Based Employment

Are Jobs Redundant? Moving Towards Skills-Based Employment


The division of labor has been a huge part of history, impacting the way we run our workforces and supporting the need for job separation. It is the norm to give each person their own specific tasks to complete that are defined by their job description. The problem with this concept is that it no longer fits in the modern workplace, often stifling individuals or resulting in the wrong person for the job struggling to achieve the outcomes required. Rather than continuing in the same vein, swapping to a skills-based organization may be the change that you need!

What is a Skills-Based Organization?

A skills-based organization is designed to change the daily workload to be built around using the best skills to get each piece of work completed rather than providing individuals with their own specific remit. The great thing about this is that work will evolve quicker, new ideas will generate faster and employees will feel more empowered when it comes to providing their input to each project.

But more than that, a skills-based organization is one that:

  • Continually measures skills and analyses the use of them
  • Evaluates data to inform employees on the skills that need developing
  • Communicates skill requirements to enable better training uptake
  • Creates an environment that is adaptable and exciting, keeping employees engaged with their work

In a recent Deloitte survey, nearly ninety percent of executives stated that skills are more important than ever before and are having a huge impact on the way their organizations are working and planning for the future, helping to shape a new way of working that puts outcomes and ability ahead of a formulaic organization.

How Can We Adapt to a Skills-Based Approach?

To implement a skills-based approach you will need to start by considering how your HR team will be able to organize the changes needed. First, you will need to think about how you source the right talent for skills-focused jobs, then how you will train your teams, and finally how you will put all the skills into action at the right time and in the right places so that your organization runs effectively.

Adapting to this method is not difficult in terms of planning a new strategy but it can be challenging when working with employees who are reticent to give up the safety of their job descriptions. Quality staff engagement, encouraging people to be part of planning the changes, and sharing your vision are also vital if you want to keep the great people that you already have in place.

Finding the Right Employees for the Job

Taking a leap into the unknown is often a stressful and worrying time, especially when it comes to changing the way that you run your business. However, you can reduce the stress that you and your team feel by employing the right people to take the company forward. At GeneCoda®, we thoroughly vet all our applicants, getting a clear idea of the skills and experience they have to offer so that you can find the best solution with minimal hassle. Book an initial chat with one of our expert consultants to find out how we can help shape your skills-based organization today!