Assessing Your Work Environment – Are Employees Able to Thrive?

Making your business a place where your team can thrive is typically high on the list of management priorities, but is it working? For many businesses, there are an endless number of initiatives being put into place, but the results aren’t always giving you what you are looking for. Rather than falling for fad solutions, take a look at our advice and assess your current work environment so that you can turn it into a place where people thrive.

Why Some Workplaces Fail to Thrive

Before we look into what can help employees to thrive in the workplace, it’s important to discuss why some workplaces fail to support their people in the right way. Many of us would assume that a failing organization does not make any effort for employees and refuses to consider their needs at all and while this may be true in a handful of cases, it is not the whole truth.

Most workplaces that are failing their employees are the ones that are working hard to introduce as many initiatives and incentives as possible. The problem in these workplaces is that they are not introduced logically, or they are failing to meet the needs of the whole employee rather than just one area of need.

The Four-Pronged Approach You Need to Consider

Rather than falling foul of the overloaded approach, focusing on creating a thriving workplace can be attached with a four-pronged approach: professional, emotional, relational & significance. Find out more about each approach below:

  • Professional – this area covers your employees’ ability to develop their professional reputation, influence, and capabilities in work. It also means that they have a good understanding of their authority in the workplace and know how to use it most successfully.
  • Emotional – this area covers the emotional safety your employees feel when they are at work and how safe they feel to complete their work to the highest standards. It also covers how hopeful they feel about their future in the workplace.
  • Relational – this area covers the community your employees feel they belong to and whether they are accepted and supported by others in the workplace and the wider team.
  • Significance – this area covers the value that your employees feel about what they bring to the workplace and how others show that they recognize the contribution being offered.

When it comes to assessing your current workplace, it is important to first survey the climate in each of these four areas to see whether there is any obvious issue that needs to be addressed. Once this has been done, you can then start to find new and exciting strategies that fall into one or more of the categories, helping your employees to get a balanced and well-rounded experience at work.

It’s important to note that there is no single strategy that will cover all four of these areas and so it is important to take the time to adequately plan for each area so that everyone can thrive in the right way – making your business a success and your employees eager to be the best they can.

Getting the Right Support for Your Business

Finding new and innovative ways to ensure your business can thrive requires support and input from experts. At GeneCoda®, we work with many businesses across the country, supporting them to find the right candidates and implement strategies that keep them. If you are keen to get support as you start your journey to creating a thriving business, then we would love to hear from you; reach out to GeneCoda® today.