Attracting the Best STEM Graduates and Keeping Them!

Attracting the Best STEM Graduates and Keeping Them

There is no denying that fewer STEM graduates are looking for work than ever before. While programs are being implemented to draw in fresh talent, the current lack of people makes it hard for life science companies to make the necessary progress. If you are one of those companies vying for the few candidates around, we’ve got some tips to help you in attracting and retaining STEM graduates.

Understanding the STEM Infrastructure

By the end of 2022, more than 13 million people in the US will work in a STEM role, with that number projected to grow by eight percent by 2030. As one of the fastest growing professions, this increase puts a huge pressure on encouraging new talent into STEM education and closing the skills gap that is currently causing problems for employers.

Many potential STEM candidates fail to see the value of STEM careers, possibly because there is an issue with how it is being branded during their educational years. STEM careers are often not emphasized in K-12 and seen as hard work, whereas popular culture roles such as gaming, vlogging, and becoming a celebrity offer greater appeal.

How to Attract the Top Talent

Even with the global STEM shortage, it isn’t all doom and gloom; many fantastic STEM graduates are looking for work each year. As it’s a jobseeker’s market, you will need to work on attracting the top talent if you want to move ahead. We’ve shared some tips to help you get started:

  • Be Clear About Your Brand – just as you expect candidates to know who they are and what they offer, you should also be offering the same in return. Make it clear to candidates what your brand offers them and the opportunities they can look forward to when they onboard.
  • Be Flexible – work-life balance is more important than ever before, so offering flexible working hours or working locations can be a fantastic way to entice candidates. You can even consider remote roles where possible, helping you to widen your net of potential candidates.
  • Offer More Than Money – salary is important, but candidates are looking for more than just financial reward. Think about other incentives that will help make your company distinctive and share them during the application process so candidates know what they can look forward to.
  • Showcase Diversity – offering an inclusive and diverse workplace will show candidates that you are forward-thinking and value talent over all else. Not only will this appeal to a wide range of candidates, but it will help you achieve the reputation of being an employer that values people over labels.
  • Reduce Application Red Tape – one of the biggest issues that cause candidates to go elsewhere is a drawn-out application process. Streamlining and using specialist recruitment support allows you to get STEM candidates into jobs quicker than your competition, making you the best option for new talent.

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