Auditing Your Recruitment Process – What You Can Learn from Looking Inward

There’s no denying that life science recruitment isn’t always easy, especially with the scarcity of qualified candidates in certain areas. However, despite the current climate and the universal recruitment concerns, you may benefit from an internal audit to check that your recruitment processes are working the way you need. Find out exactly how an audit of your current processes can help you move forward more successfully.

Auditing Shows You Your Bias

No matter how forward-thinking you feel your business is, there are almost always issues with bias within a recruitment process. Sadly, this bias can be stopping you from seeing specific applicants as viable choices for your vacancies. By allowing bias to interfere with your recruitment, you will find that there are fewer potential choices to pick from, stopping the opportunity to grow and develop in new markets.

It’s important to note that bias isn’t always a conscious thing and even firms that feel they are open to all applicants may find themselves sifting applications unfavourably when the process is audited. Many tools can help remove bias from hiring, including blind recruitment, and when you identify biased practices during your audit, you will be able to make quick changes to improve your recruitment outcomes.

Auditing Can Help You Save Cash

You may feel that the time it takes to audit your current recruitment system is not worth the effort, especially when you are under pressure to deliver in other areas too. However, when you do start the auditing process, you are likely to find many cost savings that will improve the budget and give you more cash to inject into your business.

Some of the main areas that offer savings include the time you are spending on each aspect of the recruitment process, the resources you are using to make your current recruitment process work, and the cash you spend on onboarding candidates. By taking the time to assess your current position, you are likely to find new and innovative ways to get the results you need for far less than you have been spending.

Auditing Can Make You More Effective

One thing that many candidates say is a big issue when applying for jobs is the length of time it takes to get to an offer from the initial application. By auditing your process, you can find out how long each part of the process takes and consider if there are any ways to shorten or simplify the way you recruit.

Many companies find that their biggest time issues center around staff availability to complete processes such as screening and shortlisting – both of which could be made quicker and easier if you worked with an executive search firm or implement the use of AI and other technology to complete some of the work for you.

Get Help with Your Recruitment Audit

If you’d like to get some advice and input on your recruitment audit but don’t know where to turn, GeneCoda® is the perfect choice. As one of the leading US executive Life Sciences recruitment firms, we work hard to understand and assess all types of recruitment practices so that you can benefit from our knowledge rather than having to do the work yourself.

To find out more about what we can do, simply reach out to our team and let us get to know you. When you trust GeneCoda®, you can be certain that your recruitment processes will be streamlined and highly effective.