Different Interview Tools and How to Use Them

Different Interview Tools and How to Use Them

Different Interview Tools and How to Use Them

Interview tools can be used to enhance the recruitment process and make it more likely that you recruit the right candidate for the job. However, knowing which tools are good to use and which ones there are that could add to your current recruitment process can be hard. We’ve shared three highly effective tools that not only help you to source the best candidates but also are evolving with new technological and scientific research. Find out more about these interview tools below.

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric, or aptitude, tests have grown in popularity over the past decade and when used appropriately, they give recruiters access to valuable information about the skills that candidates have. Utilizing psychometric tests is beneficial for a variety of reasons. The skills and abilities that are being tested are usually those that are difficult to measure during an interview, such as verbal, numerical, and logical reasoning, language skills, and situational judgments.

There are skills and abilities that could be assessed in an interview situation, however, utilizing psychometric tests will provide a more comprehensive outcome within less time. Not having to ask questions about these skills also allows for other questions to be included in the interview.

Asynchronous Video Interviews

If you receive a large number of high-quality applicants, you are likely going to want to shortlist quite a few. Unfortunately, it is common for organizations to cap the number of candidates that they shortlist due to the time and cost it takes to carry out traditional interviews. This is understandable from a process perspective; however, it can mean that you potentially miss out on interviewing some high-quality applicants who could be the perfect fit for your organization.

Asynchronous video interview tools address this issue by reducing the time commitment required by an interviewing panel. This type of tool allows for structured interview questions to be given to candidates in a consistent way and for candidates to record their video responses and submit them at a time that is convenient for them. The responses can be reviewed by any number of people and so there is potential for more analysis than would be achieved on a traditional interview panel.

Interview Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

If you decide to use asynchronous video interviewing, or live interviewing that is recorded, you have the option to utilize artificial intelligence in the analysis of the responses given by each candidate. AI can be used to analyse the tone of voice and to scan facial features to get a more comprehensive understanding of the way the candidate responds.

This tool should be used in conjunction with other methods such as interviewers scoring the content of the response as this will ensure that the answer given by the candidate is assessed by the most appropriate people. AI can give a much more nuanced assessment of the applicant’s responses that can be used in making the final decision about who to hire.

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