Finding Leadership Talent from Within

Leadership talent is incredibly hard to quantify, especially with the Life Science industry in dire need of fresh talent and innovative ideas. Rather than sticking to the same talent pool or trying to attract leaders from other companies, it may be a suitable time to look within your organization to see if any budding personnel could be nurtured into your leadership positions. Take a moment to discover what you should look for when searching for new and inspiring leaders.

People Who Work Collaboratively

One of the first indicators that someone is right for a leadership position is when they work well with others, not trying to take credit for work that wasn’t theirs. Life Science is all about collaboration and discovery, but many people get weighed down with making a name for themselves as an individual and then forget that it takes a village to advance projects. Collaboration allows everyone to shine and receive the credit they deserve and can highlight a colleague’s recognition of the value of the contributions of others. These people will strive to build a team and see the global picture when they are in a position of power in the workplace.

People Who Are Decisive When Needed

While collaboration is essential, a trusted leader should also be able to take decisive action when needed. There will always be times when a company faces difficult choices, but great leaders know that stagnating is often more damaging than making a wrong decision and having to pivot. When you seek leadership talent from within, you should be looking for people who know when to wait and when to act – these people will be able to learn how to move a business forward and face tough decisions without fear.

People Who Are on a Journey

Being happy and content in your job is great, but some people do not aspire to greater things no matter how many opportunities they are offered. To find your new wave of leaders, you need to look for people who see themselves on a journey and are open to new challenges and responsibilities. These people are often the first to volunteer for new things and are always around to help solve unexpected problems. They are working hard to be recognized as they want to progress, so interactions early on may help you find the future leaders you are looking for.

People Who Have Good Values

Every organization has a set of values that they work within, helping to achieve a moral compass and ensuring that everything they produce is within a framework that meets the needs of the business. It’s also important to note that individuals have their own values too and finding the right leadership talent means finding people whose values align with the organization. These people will not only agree with how business is done in your company but will also promote your ethos and values, helping clients and the rest of your team feel safe and secure when they collaborate with you.

Find Your Future Leaders with GeneCoda®

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