How to Stop Your Life Science Team From Leaving for a New Opportunity

Life science jobs are being offered in abundance right now but there are just not enough candidates to plug all the gaps. The problem with this is that many life science companies are seeing entire teams of people being poached by competitors who can afford to offer them what they want. Rather than becoming a victim of poaching, take a look at our advice and retain your team with you as you work together to overcome the hiring crisis you face. 

Be Honest About Where You Are At 

One of the best ways to keep a team on track and onside is to level with them about where the company is at and where you want to take it. Most employees will be well aware of the challenges facing the life science industry and they will definitely appreciate an honest and open approach when it comes to dealing with them. 

Find time to talk as a team and listen to what people have to say. Oftentimes, these types of meetings will produce some great ideas that the company can explore to help improve efficiency and income. If you treat your team with respect and hear what they have to say, they are less likely to be swayed by the competition. 

Offer Development Opportunities 

Even if you are unable to find the money for new roles, there is nothing stopping you from offering people the chance to develop. From creating an internal coaching opportunity to providing shadowing experiences and managerial drop-ins, there are plenty of ways to help people develop. 

Employees that feel like you take them seriously enough to help them to grow are far more likely to be loyal to your business and stay with you even during rough times. Plus, when you invest in developing people you will find that their work output will improve, giving you a bigger edge over the competition. 

Demonstrate Inclusivity and Diversity 

Showing your team that you value diversity is a great way to make people feel welcome and make them want to stay. This can be through setting up working groups to handle inclusion and diversity in the workplace and ensuring that all people feel represented by the wider management team. 

If an employee can feel a sense of belonging then they will naturally want to stay with your company as they will see a route for progression. The plus point for you is that a diverse team often produces better results than one that sticks with a traditional approach. 

Think About Working Conditions 

When it comes to work, there are now many options that you can offer in the wake of the pandemic. Remote working, compressed hours, and virtual meetings are all great ways to help your team get a better work-life balance and make sure that employees feel valued. 

Many companies have avoided offering these solutions as they worry that it may have a negative impact but in reality, you are more likely to improve employee morale and boost your outcomes. Take the time to find out what your team would like to change before making any final decisions about working conditions, that way you can personalize your offer based on what the majority are looking for.  

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