The Growing Demand for Data Scientists

The Growing Demand for Data Scientists

There is no denying that life science is hugely dependant on lots of data, especially when working hard to prove the validity of experiments. In fact, most life science professionals spend a vast amount of time collecting data! However, data collection is just one part of the puzzle, analysing the data quickly and accurately is the other part and that’s where data scientists come in.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a world that brings together maths, programming, AI, analytics, machine learning and programming to get a greater insight into the data of a company and highlight how things work and where they may lead us. Data science is a broad term that covers all types of data work, including:

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Mining
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis
  • And More!

As life science teams work to manage new technology and advanced data tools, reaching out to data scientists allows for a new path to advanced analysis, meaning that data scientists are hot property and look set to be an in-demand role for some time to come.

How Can Data Science Help My Business?

Data science can offer tremendous support to the work that is being done in life science right now. Some of the key ways that data science is being used includes:

  • Supporting Drug Discoveries – as the use of AI increases, there are more potential drugs that require investigation. Data scientists can speed up processes and lower the chances of failure during the development phase, helping to make drug discoveries more reliable.
  • Predictive Work – using historical data and precedent, data scientists are working in life science to predict future health trends and needs for groups of people as well as in individual cases.
  • Evaluative Work – using data that is linked to a specific body of work, data scientists can evaluate the performance of your team and their work, highlighting areas that need greater investigation and those that are not worth pursuing at this time.

Whatever your life science company is focused on, you can be sure that investing in a data science team and tools will help to take your work to the next level!

Finding Great Data Scientists

Once you can see the need for data scientists in your business, you will be keen to locate the very best candidates for the roles. Want to know how to find the right people for the job? Start by looking for people that have skills such as:

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Coding Experience
  • Algorithm Authorship
  • High Quality Math Skills

By selecting candidates using these pointers, you are sure to end up with someone that will help you to revolutionize your findings and streamline your processes and applications.

Getting Support with Recruiting Data Scientists

If you are keen to add data scientists to your team but need help to source the right candidates, GeneCoda® can help. As an expert team of executive recruiters, we understand the pressure points within the life science field. We will work with you to define the roles you need and then locate suitable candidates for you to consider. Reach out to our team today and let us help you take your business forward.