The Skills in Most Demand Right Now

The Skills in Most Demand Right Now

It’s a well known fact that many industries are facing a huge skills gap that they are struggling to close and more than 11 million jobs remain unfilled in the US because employers can’t find the skilled workers they need for their vacancies. This means that if you are a candidate looking for employment, you will have a much better chance of success if you have the skills that are in demand. We’ve shared the top skills that employers are looking for so that you can improve your chances of getting your dream job first time around.

Why is the Skills Shortage Such an Issue for Employers?

Having a growing skills gap in an organization means that there is less chance that the company can grow and develop in the way its leaders want and once the gaps are filled, 82% of HR execs state that each worker will need to work on maintaining or developing new skills to remain relevant in the job market.

Failing to meet expected goals and targets has a knock-on effect with efficiency, increases the money being spent on training and reduces the overall profit of a business. Plus, when there is a skills gap, businesses are unable to fulfil requirements to their customers and investors, reducing the capability of the business and lowering the number of opportunities that can be fulfilled.

The Skills That Are in Most Demand

We are all hearing about the massive skills shortage that is going on, but what skills should you be looking to develop as a candidate? Some of the most demanded skills that you could consider obtaining include:

  • Project Management
  • Analytical and Strategic Thinking
  • Digital Communication
  • Data Analysis

The good news is that there are several recognized short courses you can undertake and LinkedIn Learning has additional resources to become up skilled in these areas – helping you to be more in demand when you apply for new positions.

Soft Skills Are Important Too

It’s easy to focus on the industry-specific skills that are in demand when you are working on improving your chances as a candidate, but this shouldn’t be to the detriment of your soft skills either. From decision making to leadership and communication to adaptability, it’s important that you work hard to round off your skills in all areas so that you are not only a viable candidate but are an employer’s first choice!

Not All Skills Are Created Equal

Even if you have the skills that are required for the job you want, it is important to remember that most skills will erode over time, leaving you in the position of needing to top up your knowledge to continue being valuable to prospective employers. Whether it’s hard skills, technical skills, soft skills, or trade skills, you will need to keep up to date if you want to remain a viable candidate throughout your career.

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