Tools & Reports

Tools & Reports

The following tools and reports can be used by Life Sciences companies to help grow their businesses.

Why You’re Losing the War for Life Sciences Talent? | The “12 Steps to Attract, Recruit & Retain the Top 1% of Talent in the Life Sciences Market” is written for CEO’s, Board Member’s, Investor’s, Talent Acquisition Executive’s and Hiring Manager’s in the Life Sciences industry.  Learn how to prevent the best life sciences professionals from joining your competitors and ensure they join you instead, the secrets to attracting the best life sciences talent to ensure achievement of your business goals, how to position your organization as the best choice for top talent.

Life Sciences Pulse ReportThe Life Sciences Pulse report depicts all online job postings (Ads) for the Life Sciences sector in the US over the past three years including trending patterns and sector sub-components. Online Ads are a leading indicator in employment and the hiring cycle. As such, sector posting data provides meaningful market activity and direction that can assist business leaders in the Life Sciences sector make informed decisions regarding human capital.

Please click the following button to begin the Employee Turnover Cost Calculator (ETCC).  It may be best to use a desktop or laptop with this tool.  The research and preface to our calculator can be found on our blog post The High Cost of Unplanned Employee Turnover.

Employee Turnover Cost Calculator

Numbeo is a free crowdsourced database which enables users to share and compare information about the cost of living between countries and cities.  From the data it collects, the website also periodically assembles an international quality-of-life index.  Numbeo’s methodology.