Recruitment Process

Life Sciences Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process has six crucial steps that ensure we work together with the client to locate and recruit the best candidate each and every time. Going through such a thorough recruitment process that truly screens for fit allows our clients to optimize their efforts to keep long-term human resources costs down through lower employee turnover.

6 Step Recruitment Process1. Assess:
Prior to search launch, we garner a deep understanding of your business and needs. Our discovery meeting enables us to develop a search strategy along with being able to clearly articulate company selling points and the candidate knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) required to perform the job. Based on your job description, we prepare a summary narrative that represents our mutual understanding of the message we will use to attract qualified candidates and the performance profiles of these candidates.

2. Source:
After your search strategy and narrative are developed, we define the resources we will leverage to identify candidates. Resources can include our proprietary database, a deep referral network, and primary research that focuses on competitor companies.

3. Qualify:
In parallel with our sourcing work, we review the credentials of applicants and categorize based on mutually agreed criteria.  For top prospects, we review their resume / CV or other materials, complete an initial interview and, if a prospective fit exists, present the applicant with the opportunity.  With candidate concurrence and interest, we then prepare a summary overview of the candidate’s strengths and deficiencies pertaining to the role and present this summary along with a resume / CV and/or other information provided by the candidate.

4. Evaluate:
As your interview process commences, we assist the candidate in basic interview preparation and assure logistics. After each interview, we debrief with you and the candidate to assess further interest. If a candidate is not a fit for the role, we will manage a professional disconnection with the candidate.

5. Select:
Once the interview process has concluded with an intention to extend an offer to a selected candidate, we conduct reference checks and any other background checks or behavioral assessments[i]. We reconfirm compensation expectations and other logistics with you and the selected candidate prior to offer preparation. We then present a verbal and/or written offer to the selected candidate.

6. Transition:
When the offer is accepted, and all other screenings are complete, we professionally disconnect any other prospects. Through transition coaching, we assist the new hire with the common dynamics of resigning from a position. We follow up post-start with you and the placed candidate to ensure mutual satisfaction.

[i] We work with you to ensure our process is consistent and compliant with your company’s human resource standards.