Philosophy of Genecoda


For us to be the best possible advocate, we need to know about your infrastructure, organization chart, why a role exists, what skills and background best suit the role, the types of candidates that outperform in your corporate culture and why they are passionate about working for you. Our thoroughness in getting to know your organization and its needs is what helps make our search process distinctive.

Whether we develop, augment or follow your existing talent acquisition process, it is imperative that we follow a mutually agreed recruitment process. In highly competitive markets such as Life Sciences, exceptional talent often has multiple opportunities which can challenge timely search delivery in a strong economy.  Given that executive search is almost always immediate in nature, timely communication is critical.

At GeneCoda®, we are prompt, ethical, deeply analytical, comprehensive in our research, and exceptional in our identification of talent.

To read more about how we function, our principles, and how we differ from the rest, read our statement on differentiated messaging and our founder’s biography.