Medical Diagnostics Executive Search

Medical Diagnostics Recruiter

GeneCoda® is passionate about connecting executives in the medical diagnostics field to inspirational science which might cure or ameliorate disease.

Medical diagnostics, the use of devices or substances for the analysis or detection of disease or medical conditions, are generating rapid growth. The fall in the cost of genetic sequencing, the corresponding increase in data available for researchers and the software and hardware to power “omics” experimentation has increased exponentially. Diagnostics hold the promise of earlier, less invasive and more accurate disease detection for patients across a variety of disease states.

Many of our diagnostics clients are working on novel approaches such as liquid biopsy and companion diagnostics. Through continuous education and constant client interaction, we understand challenges faced by diagnostics companies including patient stratification, CLIA compliance, regulatory pathways and reimbursement issues.

GeneCoda® has recruited for dozens of clinical and RUO diagnostics and related platform-based tools companies across a broad spectrum of functional roles including R&D, pre-clinical, clinical, manufacturing and commercial roles. If you have experience working for a medical diagnostics company or entrepreneurial experience in academic research, please submit your resume so that we can proactively contact you as opportunities arise.