Our Clients

Our Clients

Your company is in the Life Sciences sector and may be a Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device or Diagnostic innovator.  Your company might also support medical innovators.  Your company may be a service sector company such as a CRO, CDMO or a tools company such as a scientific instrumentation, reagents or software provider.

You understand that people who deliver results are difficult to find and even more difficult to attract. Experienced, successful people are busy and have little time to read help-wanted ads.  GeneCoda® locates, screens and closes the best-in-class talent and, therefore, compresses typical search cycles from months to weeks. We are focused on fluidly driving the acquisition of your most important asset, human capital.

Our clients base their existence on reliable data and so does GeneCoda®.  Typically involving hundreds of contacts, our highly targeted marketing campaigns drive your brand awareness.  These campaigns act as a primary market research tool and can enable relationships that yield ROI that exceeds your investment in our services.

So you can spend less time training, you seek a partner with deep industry knowledge and experience that already possesses an understanding of industry trends shaping the opportunities and challenges facing today’s life sciences companies.