Life Science Jobs – The Most In-Demand Roles for 2023

Life science is a rapidly growing field, with new technologies and discoveries constantly emerging. This has led to an increase in job opportunities in the field, with many roles in high demand. In this article, we will explore the most in-demand life science jobs in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices industries.

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Switching Jobs in an Economic Downturn – What Every Candidate Needs to Know

Making the decision to move jobs can come with a lot of anxiety and trepidation, but if you are ready for something new or want career progression then switching paths makes sense. However, lots of candidates are worried about the impact of the global downturn and ongoing financial crisis in the US, leaving them concerned that now may not be a good time to move. If you are in this situation, then this post will tell you what you need to know about moving jobs during a financial downturn and how to make it work in your favour.

Understand the Reality of the Hiring Market

Once you’ve decided that you want to move jobs, take a moment to consider the reality of the present hiring market. Even with a downturn in the economy, it is still a jobseeker’s market right now with companies looking to hire talent in areas that are understaffed, such as life sciences. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics state that job ads have increased by more than 60% since the COVID crisis and our own proprietary reports focused on the life sciences showcased 2 straight years of rising numbers until Q3 of 2022.  This means that experienced professionals are likely to find several opportunities worth considering!

Ask the Right Questions

When you are actively interviewing for new jobs, you should take the time to ask the right questions to assess whether this new role is a desirable choice for you or not. Find out about average tenures, consider job stability, and inquire about how the company is mitigating against financial challenges. Their answers should serve to give you the insight you need to decide whether they are an employer worth making a change for.

Be Careful About Quitting

Once you’ve found a new job that sparks your interest, take the time to apply and follow the process through until you have a job offer in hand. It can be tempting to quit once you’ve had a verbal offer, but you should avoid this at all costs as your future employer is not obligated to hire you until all the paperwork is signed. Ensure your new job is a done deal and then, you can resign with confidence.

Get Help to Find the Right Job for You

If you are ready to find a new role but need some expert help and guidance, then why not let GeneCoda® help? We offer several expert articles covering many aspects of job search and career guidance. Check out our library to learn more!

Finding Leadership Talent from Within

Leadership talent is incredibly hard to quantify, especially with the Life Science industry in dire need of fresh talent and innovative ideas. Rather than sticking to the same talent pool or trying to attract leaders from other companies, it may be a suitable time to look within your organization to see if any budding personnel could be nurtured into your leadership positions. Take a moment to discover what you should look for when searching for new and inspiring leaders.

People Who Work Collaboratively

One of the first indicators that someone is right for a leadership position is when they work well with others, not trying to take credit for work that wasn’t theirs. Life Science is all about collaboration and discovery, but many people get weighed down with making a name for themselves as an individual and then forget that it takes a village to advance projects. Collaboration allows everyone to shine and receive the credit they deserve and can highlight a colleague’s recognition of the value of the contributions of others. These people will strive to build a team and see the global picture when they are in a position of power in the workplace.

People Who Are Decisive When Needed

While collaboration is essential, a trusted leader should also be able to take decisive action when needed. There will always be times when a company faces difficult choices, but great leaders know that stagnating is often more damaging than making a wrong decision and having to pivot. When you seek leadership talent from within, you should be looking for people who know when to wait and when to act – these people will be able to learn how to move a business forward and face tough decisions without fear.

People Who Are on a Journey

Being happy and content in your job is great, but some people do not aspire to greater things no matter how many opportunities they are offered. To find your new wave of leaders, you need to look for people who see themselves on a journey and are open to new challenges and responsibilities. These people are often the first to volunteer for new things and are always around to help solve unexpected problems. They are working hard to be recognized as they want to progress, so interactions early on may help you find the future leaders you are looking for.

People Who Have Good Values

Every organization has a set of values that they work within, helping to achieve a moral compass and ensuring that everything they produce is within a framework that meets the needs of the business. It’s also important to note that individuals have their own values too and finding the right leadership talent means finding people whose values align with the organization. These people will not only agree with how business is done in your company but will also promote your ethos and values, helping clients and the rest of your team feel safe and secure when they collaborate with you.

Find Your Future Leaders with GeneCoda®

If you are keen to learn more about finding the right candidates with real potential as future leaders, then GeneCoda® is here to help. As experts in recruitment, we can help you understand what to look for and support you in picking the ideal candidates for your needs. Connect with us today to find out more!


Being the Right Choice for Candidates – Reflecting on What You Have to Offer

With so much pressure on life science companies to find the best candidates and keep them, it’s hard to know what to do for the best. However, leading with an introspective ethos is a great starting point. Take a moment to reflect on what makes a company an excellent choice for candidates and work out if you are doing all you can. We’ve shared some top tips to help you focus more on what candidates need from you.

Think About Induction

One of the biggest reasons a candidate leaves a job quickly after starting is because they feel lost or unsupported, with companies with a poor onboarding process being twice as likely to lose staff than those with a solid system. Rather than following suit, take a moment to think about your induction process and consider whether it offers everything a candidate needs to settle into your workplace and understand their objectives. Buddying people up, offering an induction program, and providing regular check-in opportunities are great ways to give new staff the confidence they need.

Think About Progress

Once you’ve honed your induction process, you should focus on retaining great staff who have been with you for some time. Most people want to know that there are progression opportunities, so reviewing training, succession planning and upward mobility to ensure clear paths forward will help staff feel like there are opportunities for them. Remember that progression doesn’t always mean promotion; you can also offer training, support, and specialist projects for people to do to build up their resumes for the future.

Think About Coaching

With your induction and progression in order, you just need to consider how to keep getting the best from the people you employ so that they feel satisfied and want to work hard for you. One of the best ways to do this is through a formalized coaching offer where staff can be coached and mentored to help them develop. The wonderful thing about coaching is that it is personal to the individual, so your team feels invested in and use what they have learned to help your business grow – it’s a win-win for you!

Think About Exits

Even with all the best processes and offers in place, there will still be times when people choose to move on to new pastures. Rather than taking this personally and feeling unhappy that they haven’t stayed with you, use it as a valuable learning tool. Conducting non-judgmental exit interviews can give you a clear insight into how staff feel about your organization, providing you with information you can use to develop and improve your offer. Don’t let someone leave without taking the time to talk to them, as they may just hold the key to your future success.

Find the Right Candidates with GeneCoda®

Making sure you are a quality employer for candidates is a fantastic way to keep the right people, but it may not help you find the right people in the first place. That’s where GeneCoda® comes in! We are here to help you find the best candidates for your life science executive jobs so that you can enjoy greater retention and even better results. Reach out to our team today to find out more.

Attracting the Best STEM Graduates and Keeping Them!

There is no denying that fewer STEM graduates are looking for work than ever before. While programs are being implemented to draw in fresh talent, the current lack of people makes it hard for life science companies to make the necessary progress. If you are one of those companies vying for the few candidates around, we’ve got some tips to help you attract them!

Understanding the STEM Infrastructure

By the end of 2022, more than 13 million people in the US will work in a STEM role, with that number projected to grow by eight percent by 2030. As one of the fastest growing professions, this increase puts a huge pressure on encouraging new talent into STEM education and closing the skills gap that is currently causing problems for employers.

Many potential STEM candidates fail to see the value of STEM careers, possibly because there is an issue with how it is being branded during their educational years. STEM careers are often not emphasized in K-12 and seen as hard work, whereas popular culture roles such as gaming, vlogging, and becoming a celebrity offer greater appeal.

How to Attract the Top Talent

Even with the global STEM shortage, it isn’t all doom and gloom; many fantastic STEM graduates are looking for work each year. As it’s a jobseeker’s market, you will need to work on attracting the top talent if you want to move ahead. We’ve shared some tips to help you get started:

  • Be Clear About Your Brand – just as you expect candidates to know who they are and what they offer, you should also be offering the same in return. Make it clear to candidates what your brand offers them and the opportunities they can look forward to when they onboard.
  • Be Flexible – work-life balance is more important than ever before, so offering flexible working hours or working locations can be a fantastic way to entice candidates. You can even consider remote roles where possible, helping you to widen your net of potential candidates.
  • Offer More Than Money – salary is important, but candidates are looking for more than just financial reward. Think about other incentives that will help make your company distinctive and share them during the application process so candidates know what they can look forward to.
  • Showcase Diversity – offering an inclusive and diverse workplace will show candidates that you are forward-thinking and value talent over all else. Not only will this appeal to a wide range of candidates, but it will help you achieve the reputation of being an employer that values people over labels.
  • Reduce Application Red Tape – one of the biggest issues that cause candidates to go elsewhere is a drawn-out application process. Streamlining and using specialist recruitment support allows you to get STEM candidates into jobs quicker than your competition, making you the best option for new talent.

GeneCoda® Is Here for Your Recruitment Needs

If you are keen to find the best life sciences executive talent but don’t have the time, why not let GeneCoda® do the work instead? As an experienced recruitment team, we know where to find the best candidates and can help you fill your vacancies quicker than ever before. Get in touch today to find out exactly how we can help you!

Predictions for Life Science in 2023

Looking ahead to 2023 is a daunting prospect, especially after the life science industry experienced so much upheaval and turmoil during 2022. However, the are some early predictors that we can use to get a sense of what to expect – check out our predictions now and start preparing to make 2023 a good year for your company.

Financial Strain Will Continue for Life Science Firms

It’s probably not much of a shock to learn than finance is going to be a challenge for many life science firms in 2023. The threat of recession means that projects are being halted and cancelled, candidates are moving around to find the safest jobs and some firms are facing the prospect of being put out of business. However, with careful and realistic planning, it is possible for companies to get through these tough times as the economy tries to recover from problems it faces at home and abroad.

New Innovations Will Develop Technological Responses to Medical Care

AI and other tech wearables have been a hot commodity in the world for the last few years and they are predicted to become a huge feature in life science work, especially health care. From supporting better health monitoring to providing support with delivering a cost-effective and efficient model, AI is set to revolutionize firms. However, it’s not predicted to take over many of the roles that are currently completed by humans, instead working in collaboration to enhance productivity and business outcomes.

Increased Use of Real-World Data & Evidence

Life science experts are realizing the key between real world data and getting drugs approved quicker than ever before. Real world data gives the drug development companies access to information on how different drugs are used and how well they work for individuals so that new treatment approaches and drug trials can be used for stronger outcomes. Real world data and evidence is also being used to support financial concerns and promises to support companies to boost their earning potential – a factor that could help to keep life science businesses afloat.

Growing Use of the Cloud to Improve Life Science Functions

Cloud-based technology has taken the world by storm, but life science companies have failed to keep up with these advances and struggled to leverage to their advantage. This is set to change in 2023 as more life science companies switch to cloud-based models and use them to help create suitable automation tasks, perform data analytics, and offer scalability that can support nearly every business capability. The wonderful thing about cloud-based solutions is that the cost of introducing them to the workplace is typically offset by the savings that are made, helping life science firms to thrive in tougher circumstances.

Preparing for 2023 with Confidence

With so many predictions offering insights into what 2023 may hold, now is a suitable time to start to prepare your firm for a bumpy road ahead. If you need advice or support about recruiting and retaining the right people for 2023 then GeneCoda® is here to help – get in touch with our team and let us help you move your firm forward in the new year.

Three New Years Resolutions That Should Be on Every Life Science List


Life science is an area that is experiencing rapid growth alongside huge hiring challenges. Many life science firms have found the past months stressful and concerning, but as we head into a new year, it is a suitable time to set your expectations for what may be in your near future. At GeneCoda®, we work hard to support life science recruitment needs and have come up with three great resolutions that you can use to take your company to the next level – check them out now!

Resolution One – Make a Plan to Beat Burnout

Once the holidays are over, you may find yourself getting excited about heading back into the office along with the rest of your team. However, rather than using up all your energy in the first week, why not take some time to carefully pace yourself to stretch your exuberance over a few weeks instead. This means arriving and leaving at an appropriate time, as well as taking regular breaks to hydrate and eat.

Many employees also head back to work feeling excited to be part of new projects and ideas but can find themselves under huge pressure to perform, especially when their boss is working extended hours and days. Set a good example to your team and insist on a healthy work-life balance for all to get the results you want to see. Many studies show that firms that promote appropriate working hours tend to be more successful and efficient over the long term, with fewer cases of employee burnout.

Resolution Two – Review Your Business Plan

When you first wrote your business plan, it would have been for the time in which you were writing rather than the time you are currently experiencing. Many business owners make it their mission to be up to date on new advances and work hard to diversify as innovative ideas surface. One terrific way to stay relevant without being overly reactive is to review your original business plan and consider which targets are still central to your business now and which are no longer of value.

By doing this, you will be more able to see which trends have seen your company through tough times and need to endure, giving you a clear focus for change over the course of the new year. Remaining relevant in a competitive market is essential but reminding yourself where you started helps to show you the path forward.

Resolution Three – Pledge to Overhaul Outdated Recruitment Practices

HR practices move faster than most other needs in the workplace, with managers constantly working to find the best candidates without a large budget to seal the deal. However, lots of life science firms put all their attention on innovations and discoveries rather than keeping up to date with new hiring trends and candidate expectations.

As the new year arrives, now is a wonderful time to think about your current recruitment process and work out where there is room for improvement. If you are keen to seek outside support with your recruitment needs, then choosing a dedicated life science recruitment service, like the one GeneCoda® offers, will help you keep up to date on recruitment strategies and find you quality candidates.

Look Forward to the New Year With Our Help

To get the best from the year ahead, it is vital that you take some time to pause and plan for the outcomes you seek. Get in touch with the GeneCoda® team and let us show you exactly what you can expect when you opt to use a tailored executive search firm.

Recognizing Hard Work This Festive Season – Knowing How to Thank Your Team

As the year draws to a close, many employers are keen to show their gratitude to their teams for hard work, results, and team spirit. However, knowing what is appropriate to do as a thank you can be hard to work out, especially if you are an executive at a life science firm. Read out tips to make your festive thanks run smoothly.

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Buying gifts for all your team members is not only difficult but can be an expensive undertaking. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy gifts but buying them should not be essential to the wellbeing of your firm. If you feel that it is important to share a holiday gift, take the time to work out the finances first and opt for a selection of gifts to suit individual tastes – remember that not everyone wants a turkey or a bottle of wine!

Take the Time to Listen

What employees want most is to be recognized by a good employer so that they feel they are doing valuable work. The best way to share this recognition is in person and taking the time to share your appreciation during the festive season will leave everyone feeling positive. Share the load with your executive team by splitting your employee list up and arranging informal catch ups. To get the best from the process, you should always start by expressing your gratitude and then take the time to listen to feedback from each person, collating useful ideas and information that can help to inform the new business year.

Celebrate with Honesty

Once you have completed your festive thank you’s, it is time to share an annual summary about your firm, highlighting the things that have gone well and the focus for the year ahead. Many employers pass this information on in meetings, but it is also a good idea to issue a memo or email so that every employee gets to access your valuable feedback. Employers that are grateful for the hard work of their teams but who are also honest about the state of play are more likely to develop confident teams who are loyal even in tough times – time for you to get writing!

Know Your Boundaries

Finally, the holiday season is a time where many people look forward to celebrating with their work peers and putting things that have caused them stress to rest. Rather than being an employer that joins in with every event and stays to the bitter end, remember that giving your teams space to decompress is just as powerful. The best way to handle these situations is to make an appearance at the events, but then leave before the night gets into full swing so that others can enjoy time with their colleagues.

Festive Thanks from GeneCoda®

At GeneCoda®, we feel honored to have so many valuable clients and would like to wish every one of them a happy and relaxing festive break. Should you need any help with recruitment in the New Year and beyond then our team would love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Learning Lessons From 2022 – What Every Life Science Firm Needs to Know

All good executive teams take the time to reflect on the decisions made over the course of a year, helping to recognize errors and make strategical changes for the year ahead. If you are running a life science firm then we have shared four of the most important lessons from 2022, helping you to prepare for what’s to come with confidence.

Recruiting High Quality Candidates is Essential

It may seem obvious, but with the financial downturn that looks poised to continue near term, firms must find the best candidates for every role to ensure that business can continue to boom. Many life science firms have struggled to find the right candidate for their vacancies, choosing to compromise instead. Rather than letting these compromises reduce your effectiveness, take the time to check out the recruitment support you can get from expert teams so that you can look forward to finding the right people every time.

Home Working Widens the Playing Field

There has been plenty of shared opinions about home working and whether it should stay or not, with lots of firms taking specific stances on whether they agree or disagree with it. However, we think that 2022 has shown us that flexibility is the only way to succeed, with work from home options offering a larger pool of potential employees to choose from. If you do decide to allow home working for key roles, then remember to take the time to get it all fully checked and approved by HR to avoid any issues from arising in the new year.

Being Financially Savvy Equals Success

Another key learning point from 2022 is that life science businesses need to be as financially savvy as possible to last the new year, especially as there has been an economic slowdown in the industry. With many firms restructuring as they have challenges raising capital, it is a concerning time for many executives and employees but there are things that you can do to lessen the risk. Strategic financial planning, reducing cash burn and licensing or partnering assets with other companies are all ways to keep cash flowing.

Expecting the Unexpected is Vital

Our final piece of advice for life science business owners is to recognize that even with the best planning and preparation, things can change very quickly and result in unexpected outcomes that we may not even know exist yet! By keeping on top of your business model and having contingency plans, you should be able to make it through any crisis that arrives as the new year commences.

Start Your New Year with the Best Support

If you are committed to making 2023 a success for your business, then getting the right support in place is the first and most crucial step. At GeneCoda®, we offer detailed and targeted recruitment support to life science businesses across the country and are here to help you find the right candidates for your needs. Book a discovery call with our team and learn more about what we can do for you.

Using a Brand Strategy to Reach the Best Life Science Candidates

Spending money on staff is always going to be the most expensive part of your business.  As you work hard to invest in the people that can help produce the outcomes you are looking for and as most life science professionals are already employed in the US, finding new talent has become a key issue for firms across the country. In fact, CBRE state that life science has an unemployment rate of just 0.6%, making it almost impossible to discover new talent without a specific and targeted strategy.

Many firms feel that their current recruitment strategy is robust and well designed but if you really want to be a leader in life science, now is the time to create a specific brand strategy that appeals to the people you need – find out exactly what a brand strategy means to your life science firm and start creating yours.

What is a Brand Strategy and Why Do I Need One?

A brand strategy is simply a process by which you manage your company reputation by agreeing a specific format and set of rules for engaging with people. When it comes to using your brand strategy to reach new candidates, you should be focusing on sharing your values and ethos so that people can work out if you are the type of company that they want to work for. Companies that use brand strategies are more often successful at finding and retaining candidates.

How to Build Your Brand Strategy – 5 Simple Steps

If you are ready to dive into brand strategies, then these five simple steps will get you off to a great start:

  1. Understand You Current Brand – before you can start working on a new brand strategy, your first need to find out how your brand is currently seen by candidates and other stakeholders. Take the time to check all types of feedback you have received and consider sharing a survey, allowing you to learn how people view your company.
  2. Work Out What You Want to Change – once you know how you are currently perceived, it is time to map out what you want to change and how you are going to do it. Start by creating a brand strategy goals list before using it to create a road map that will take you to the end point you are aiming for.
  3. Know Who You Want to Appeal to – it’s also important to work out who you want to appeal to when your new brand strategy is complete. Create an ‘ideal candidate’ and consider what they would want to see to join.
  4. Decide What You Will Offer – when you have your new strategy and ideal candidate, you will need to decide what you will offer to entice candidates to apply for your jobs. Differentiators like the team, the platform, ongoing training, flexible work, and other benefits will all work to drive candidates to your door.
  5. Constantly Evaluate Your Success – you may think that once you have created a new brand strategy then you can sit back and enjoy watching your application rates grow but this is not the case. Every great brand strategy involves a continual evaluation process, giving you scope to tweak and grow as your needs change.

Combining GeneCoda® and Your New Strategy – a Winning Combination

If you are keen to start attracting quality candidates to your freshly branded company, then GeneCoda® is the perfect partner. We work with you to understand your specific needs and then suggest specific candidates that we believe will fit your brand perfectly. Get in touch with our team to find out more about what we can do for you.