AI in Recruitment – Does it Help or Hinder?

AI in Recruitment – Does it Help or Hinder?

AI is a hot topic right now, with many people working hard to decide whether they support its inclusion in the world of work or feel that it is a step too far from the human touch. What’s certain is that it is here to stay and seems to have endless potential for growth. So, how can AI support better recruitment? Read on to find out!

The Growing Use of AI in Recruitment

There has been a significant shift in the number of companies using AI to streamline recruitment processes and with the promise that there is an AI solution for everything, recruiters are looking forward to seeing how it can change their role for the better.

The main concern is whether this growing use of AI will dilute recruitment practices or improve them and how these practices can be measured to ensure that candidates are given a fair chance to show off their skill set. The exciting thing about using AI in these ways is that it can reduce the amount of time your team spends on recruiting and give them back time to focus on the parts of your business that need more human intervention.

The Ways AI is Influencing Recruitment

Interestingly, AI is being used mainly in two simple ways – first to provide an evaluation tool that analyses resumes and picks out candidates based on a set of specific parameters and the second is to provide chatbot functions that are sophisticated enough to run initial interviews to help screen them. In both functions, the AI tool works to follow instructions that are provided by humans, allowing recruiters to set specific requirements that a candidate must possess in order to move to the next level.

The Problems AI Poses

Even though the use of AI in recruitment is exciting and timesaving, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed before it can be trusted as a sole solution. Some of these issues include:

  • Integral Bias – as AI is designed using data from the past, it could work from a position of bias that will hinder the chances of specific groups of people getting progressed through the process.
  • Lack of Nuance – another problem with AI is that it is designed to look for a specific formula. This means that anyone who has a less traditional career history or educational journey could lose out on the job even though they may be the best candidate.
  • Immature Systems – the quality of AI is still evolving and there are many immature systems that lack the skills needed for robust recruitment.
  • Evaluation Issues – AI is great for evaluating concrete information but when it comes to understanding a candidate’s problem-solving skills or other soft skills, it will struggle to produce the best results.
  • System Hacks – if a candidate is aware that AI is being used, they could then write their resume to the AI requirements to ensure they are shortlisted.

The Potential AI Offers

As with every concern, there are several positive points that make AI an attractive option. These points include:

  • Reducing Unconscious Bias – by using an AI tool to sift your candidates, you are ensuring that any unconscious bias your recruitment team may have, will not stop the right person from being considered.
  • Better Accuracy – as AI follows a rigid set of parameters, you can look forward to a better level of accuracy when looking for the best candidates.
  • Time Reduction finding time to sift a large pile of applications can be daunting, but an AI tool will be able to sift them quickly while your team works on other jobs.
  • Better Recruitment Speed – getting the best candidates often relied on a speedy recruitment process. AI can reduce the time you spend on recruitment, helping you to speed up the time from application to job offer.

Should You Use AI in Recruitment?

When it comes to deciding whether AI is a tool that you want to use, it is worth considering the time you spend on recruitment and whether you want to find the fairest way of sorting potential candidates. Even with the use of AI, there will always be a need for the human touch, allowing you to maintain the final say over who is and isn’t considered for your posts. Ultimately, we believe that AI has the potential to provide quality recruitment support when used correctly.

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