Always Be Recruiting

My wife works part-time at a bakery. Although they’ve had some turnover, they’ve recently experienced challenges with hiring staff.

We brainstormed a few ideas to help them get back on track, but the one that struck me the most was that they need to be recruiting all the time – whether they have a job opening or not.

Here at GeneCoda®, we often tell candidates searching for jobs that they should make networking a lifelong practice. Networking does NOT stop once you get a new job. If your network grows stale over time, you are at a much greater risk during your next job search.

Likewise, employers should always be recruiting. You should be continually scouting and courting your next hires or pondering where they will come from.

In the Life Sciences industry, turnover abounds. The highest turnover rate SOC (Standard Occupational Code) defined as “Life, Physical, and Social Science Technicians, All Other” showed 2021 employment numbers at 74,000 in the US with a stunning 76% turnover rate in 2020.

In other words, 3 of 4 technicians turned over last year. That knowledge should give us ample reason to spend at least a little time being proactive, if our businesses depends on these technicians.

Imagine you got a few resignations today. Which positions (when vacated) would cripple your business near term? You should work on expanding your network to find potential hires for these roles.

If you’d like some help with this, and to understand how you can overcome some of these issues, please contact us here.