Can you hear me, Major Tom?

One of the common errors recruiters are susceptible to is not staying in touch with candidates to keep them updated and informed throughout the hiring process.

With the hot job market for specialized skill sets in the Life Sciences and the threat of the “Great Resignation” on the horizon, recruiters cannot become complacent during the recruitment process, or we risk ceding our lead candidate to a competitor.

It’s essential to keep in mind that top candidates won’t always be willing to endure a lengthy hiring process, especially in periods of high demand.

It’s also important to communicate the hiring process upfront so your potential candidates know what to expect. Although they may prefer your opportunity, candidates may take a different offer if they haven’t heard from you in weeks.

Recruiters can make life easier for candidates by keeping the contact warm and checking in throughout the hiring process even if there isn’t any significant news to deliver.

Furthermore, there may be other meaningful ways to engage with a potential hire;

One client we’re recruiting for is asking prospects who are interviewed to complete a one-page project designed to see how they would approach a hypothetical situation.

In this example, it’s essential to consider the time investment involved for potential candidates, as they may be turned off if a test is too lengthy.

That said, it’s possible that the right candidates for your role may be inspired by the notion that the company cares enough about its employees and future to test potential employees in this manner.

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