Does a LinkedIn Profile Picture Affect Your Candidate Profiling?

Does a LinkedIn Profile Picture Affect Your Candidate Profiling?

Does a LinkedIn Profile Picture Affect Your Candidate Profiling?

Finding the right talent is important, especially as the Life Science industry is experiencing a shortage of people right now. This shortage means that we are all expected to find less traditional ways to search for new people, using all the available tools.

One way that proves particularly popular is looking for candidates on sites like LinkedIn, where individuals create an account, share their CV and get endorsements from people they have worked with. This then supports them to prove their worth so that employers can find out more about them when deciding if they want to connect and interview them. However, with appearance being one of the first things we notice, is a candidate’s profile photo swaying your decision and reducing the talent you can find?

First Impressions Count

Like it or not, the vast majority of humans find themselves swayed by the way someone looks, even if it happens subconsciously. This can often lead to excellent candidates being missed as we judge their appearance to be out of alignment with what we are looking for at our firms. In fact, numerous psychological studies show that a candidate can become more or less attractive to a company when a photo is changed.

Some people’s photos can make them less likely to be selected for interview because of unconscious bias. This can mean that it doesn’t matter whether their photo is professional or not. When shortlisting candidates, people’s biases will always play a part and it is essential that companies do not discriminate against. LinkedIn can allow recruiter to see profiles without photos but where this isn’t possible, having numerous people shortlisting independently can reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of discrimination.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

The problem for candidates is that they do not know which photo will appeal to each individual company, and while there is lots of information on what they should and should not use for photo inspiration, this may not appeal to what you are looking for.

For people who really want to make sure their photo gives the right impression, tools have been developed such as Photo Feeler. This allows users to upload a photo and receive unbiased feedback on various traits and qualities. If uploading a photo to be used for a business purpose, traits like competence, likeability and ability to influence are measured.

What You Need to Look For

It’s easy to tell you that looks should not be important, but when we talk about how your subconscious works, it is hard for you to stop it. In reality, you should be looking to see if a candidate aligns with your company’s needs and if their qualifications and experience fit. These are the areas you will need to drill down on when deciding if they are the best person for your available job.

How GeneCoda® Can Help

When you let GeneCoda® manage your recruitment needs, you will get access to a team of experts that have a wealth of experience in understanding candidate profiles and who know what to look for so that you can focus your time and energy on other aspects of your role.

As a specialist Life Science recruitment service, you can be sure that not only will we understand your needs, but we also know where to find the best talent. Why not arrange an initial discussion to devise a recruitment plan that meets your needs – we are just a call or email away and would love to hear from you!