Job Descriptions

Like resumes for candidates, job descriptions are an employer’s chance to make a positive first impression on job candidates. Your tone, company details, and method of approach will determine how your candidates feel about your job posting, and by extension, your company.

So, how do make a great first impression? Here’s how you can improve the core sections of your job description to better entice your next employee.

Company Description
Keep this brief — two or three sentences, and focus on inflection points in your business (e.g. new financing, growth rates, new product launch, etc.)

For example; “XYZ Therapeutics is a clinical-stage Immuno-Oncology company focused on bringing novel CAR-T therapeutics to market. We recently raised $50M in venture capital and commenced a Phase 2 clinical trial, prompting our need to bring in a seasoned Chief Medical Officer.”

Think of this as an opportunity statement. What’s in it for the candidate?

  • Who is the position ideal for?
  • What value will it add to their career?
  • Why is it better than other positions that may be recruiting for the same
    skill sets?

A couple of examples:

  • Are you a maverick with experience in building new markets from the
    ground up?
  • Do you love the border between development and product?

A few guidelines:

  • Here, outline the work that the candidate will actually perform in a
    skimmable format.
  • List responsibilities in order: from the most time spent to the least.
  • Use parameters and metrics where possible (e.g. Launch a new product by
    X date.)
  • Think about describing a day in the life of the candidate.

About You
This describes who you want your hire(s) to be and the skills, experience, industry knowledge, or characteristics you’d like them to have.

Example phrases;

  • You have X background or have done Y previously.
  • You’ve likely worked on Z in the past.
  • You understand XYZ.

Finding the right candidate for your company will depend on keeping them
interested in your role — from their first contact with your recruiting materials till they sign the offer letter.

If you’d like some help making sure your job descriptions are attractive to prospective hires, please contact us.