Reducing Burnout – Why Emotional Fitness is a Key Consideration in Life Science Recruitment

Emotional fitness is a term that combines the need to be both physically and mentally fit in order to function successfully in work and life. In the Life Science industry, emotional fitness has become more important than ever before in a bid to reduce burnout and enhance outcomes. If you are a leader in the Life Science arena, then embedding emotional fitness in your recruitment practices will help you to grow a team that is happy and healthy at work – find out more now! 

What Emotional Fitness Looks Like in the Workplace 

We’ve all witnessed or experienced someone who has burnout and seen the impact this has on them, their team, and their loved ones. The good news is that companies are more attuned to these issues than ever before and are working hard to bring emotional fitness to the foreground. Some of the most popular techniques include: 

  • Providing check-in time with yourself and your manager 
  • Instilling a culture where people take breaks 
  • Utilizing mindfulness practices to reduce stress 
  • Encouraging open and supportive dialogue 

How to Create an Emotionally Fit Recruitment Journey 

While there is still a lot to do to ensure that emotional fitness gets the attention it deserves, it’s clear that many companies are now well on the path to making it happen in their workplaces. However, emotional fitness is not just about supporting employees who are already in post, it should also be firmly embedded in the recruitment process to help potential employees show their best so that you can hire the best. Take a look at some of the best ways to inject emotional fitness into your recruitment process: 

  • Survey candidates and use their views – the best way to know how well your recruitment process is working is to ask the people going through it. Make their feedback anonymous so that you get a true understanding of how they felt and then use this feedback to improve your process. 
  • Change your questions – the interview process does not need to just be about what someone has to offer, taking the time to find out what they need to thrive is also important too. By getting candidates to consider their emotional fitness needs in the interview process, you can ensure that the tools they need are in place for them to use if they are successful. 
  • Sharing expectations – when a candidate applies for a role, they will be focused on impressing you and offering everything they can do in order to get the job. When you take the time to share the company’s expectations and ethos then the candidate will be more at ease and able to perform better in an interview. 

    Ultimately, a more emotionally fit approach to recruitment will help you to get the best and be the best, resulting in the growth you need to stand apart from the crowd. 

    Reducing Recruitment Pressure 

    There’s no denying that recruitment is a huge pressure point for Life Science companies, with the competition for candidates being fiercer than ever before. If you need help to find the right people then don’t work on your own – let GeneCoda® help! With extensive experience and great industry knowledge, we are ready to help you create an emotionally fit team – get in touch with us today!