Showing Candidates the Way You Want to Grow

Showing Candidates the Way You Want to Grow

Showing Candidates the Way You Want to Grow

The ‘Great Resignation’ is proving to be a big challenge for life science businesses all over the globe, and with more roles vacant than ever before, candidates really do have the pick of the bunch! Rather than trying to wow potential employees with packages that may or may not impress, why not show them what you are about and where you are heading so that they feel motivated and inspired at the thought of taking the journey with you?

Why Growth Plans are Important

Typically, when a candidate applies for a position, they are left hoping to be considered and are made to feel that they are lucky to have been shortlisted. However, as the recruitment crisis rumbles on, candidates have become savvier to their potential and now expect much more from a prospective employer than a simple interview – putting you under pressure to perform in a way that impresses them.

One of the best ways to do this is to share your growth plans and clearly defined steps to ensure your combined success. This will help the candidate see that you are well organized and take accountability for the future, but it will also give them the information they need to work out whether there is a place for them to fit in your business model.

In addition, a growth plan will allow a candidate to see their potential career trajectory and work out whether their plans for success marry with what you have to offer. In reality, this will mean that some candidates will not be willing to come on board with you, but those who do will be more likely to stay for longer and work hard to make your plans and theirs become a reality.

Sharing Your Values and Goals Honestly

It can be tempting to share information that has been exaggerated to garner a greater level of interest in job vacancies, but doing this will not just mean a greater turnover of staff, but it may also harm your ability to reach the goals you had originally set.

Candidates are taught to understand their values and goals more than ever before, leaving them in a position of wanting to find a company they can feel appropriately aligned with. When you share your goals and values honestly, the result is a better working partnership between you and your employees and better business outcomes.

Taking the time to show your business has been well considered and your goals well-chosen will always help you appeal to the right candidates, even in the most competitive markets.