Three New Years Resolutions That Should Be on Every Life Science List


Life science is an area that is experiencing rapid growth alongside huge hiring challenges. Many life science firms have found the past months stressful and concerning, but as we head into a new year, it is a suitable time to set your expectations for what may be in your near future. At GeneCoda®, we work hard to support life science recruitment needs and have come up with three great resolutions that you can use to take your company to the next level – check them out now!

Resolution One – Make a Plan to Beat Burnout

Once the holidays are over, you may find yourself getting excited about heading back into the office along with the rest of your team. However, rather than using up all your energy in the first week, why not take some time to carefully pace yourself to stretch your exuberance over a few weeks instead. This means arriving and leaving at an appropriate time, as well as taking regular breaks to hydrate and eat.

Many employees also head back to work feeling excited to be part of new projects and ideas but can find themselves under huge pressure to perform, especially when their boss is working extended hours and days. Set a good example to your team and insist on a healthy work-life balance for all to get the results you want to see. Many studies show that firms that promote appropriate working hours tend to be more successful and efficient over the long term, with fewer cases of employee burnout.

Resolution Two – Review Your Business Plan

When you first wrote your business plan, it would have been for the time in which you were writing rather than the time you are currently experiencing. Many business owners make it their mission to be up to date on new advances and work hard to diversify as innovative ideas surface. One terrific way to stay relevant without being overly reactive is to review your original business plan and consider which targets are still central to your business now and which are no longer of value.

By doing this, you will be more able to see which trends have seen your company through tough times and need to endure, giving you a clear focus for change over the course of the new year. Remaining relevant in a competitive market is essential but reminding yourself where you started helps to show you the path forward.

Resolution Three – Pledge to Overhaul Outdated Recruitment Practices

HR practices move faster than most other needs in the workplace, with managers constantly working to find the best candidates without a large budget to seal the deal. However, lots of life science firms put all their attention on innovations and discoveries rather than keeping up to date with new hiring trends and candidate expectations.

As the new year arrives, now is a wonderful time to think about your current recruitment process and work out where there is room for improvement. If you are keen to seek outside support with your recruitment needs, then choosing a dedicated life science recruitment service, like the one GeneCoda® offers, will help you keep up to date on recruitment strategies and find you quality candidates.

Look Forward to the New Year With Our Help

To get the best from the year ahead, it is vital that you take some time to pause and plan for the outcomes you seek. Get in touch with the GeneCoda® team and let us show you exactly what you can expect when you opt to use a tailored executive search firm.