Upward Trajectory of Remote Hiring: How Senior Roles are Becoming Less Location Dependent

Upward Trajectory of Remote Hiring_How Senior Roles are Becoming Less Location Dependent

Upward Trajectory of Remote Hiring_How Senior Roles are Becoming Less Location Dependent

There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic will continue to reverberate for many years to come. However, one area that has positively progressed considering COVID-19 is the way we work and where we work. There are more remote workers than ever before, and many companies are looking to close or reduce their office spaces to support a better work-life balance. Typically, remote working has been an option for gig workers whose roles are more freelance based or who work in isolation, but as we offer this option to more teams across the US, isn’t it time to do the same for our leaders too? 

Why Remote Leadership is Worth Considering 

It’s no shock to learn that senior roles are often based in an office. This is to give a sense of accountability and provide a team with a figurehead to look up to, but with more remote working comes a contemporary style of leadership – one that can inspire and motivate from afar. 

The great news for life science is that if a workforce is remote, nothing is stopping you from selecting a leader that works remotely too! Remote leadership does not mean an absence of a leader but will give you a greater chance of finding the right leader from a larger pool so that your business can grow in capable hands while respecting their need for a healthy work-life balance! Failing to offer remote roles will not only narrow your potential candidates, but they may be tempted to leave sooner if they find a similar job that allows them to work remotely.  In addition, the life sciences industry is posting more remote ads than ever before.  

Getting Remote Leadership Right 

Many people worry that remote leadership will lead to a lack of good working relationships, but this doesn’t need to be true if a company invests in the right technology and the right leadership. Some of the main considerations a company needs to consider include: 

  • Considering whether their technological investment will support a remote leader’s success. 
  • Ensuring a system where all team members can access support and advice during their working day without delay. 
  • Finding ways to keep their leadership team visible and accessible so that the ethos and values of the business do not get lost in translation. 
  • Being willing to innovate where there may not be a current solution so that remote working and a better work-life balance become a fully supported model. 
  • Ensuring that all training opportunities are as robust remotely as they were in person.

When you find a leader with the drive and passion to take your company forward, it is worthwhile to offer them the way of working that best suits their needs. In return, you can be sure that they will drive success and innovate new ways of working that work for the whole team. 

The time has come to diversify hiring practices, with remote leadership becoming a real possibility. If you want to find out more about making remote leadership work for your business, then the GeneCoda® team are ready to help. Get in touch today and let us help you navigate the potential remote leadership has to offer.