What Kind of Life Science Jobs Are Most in Demand in 2022?

To consider which life sciences jobs are most in-demand in 2022 we can look at four sets of information as provided by job insight database EMSI/Burning Glass that will give us an insight into what life science recruiters are looking for most frequently.

We can consider both common and hard skills requirements as well as looking at the top posted job titles and top posted occupations within the life sciences industry and this should give a good insight into which jobs are most in-demand.

Common Skills

Research looking at the common skills mentioned in job adverts suggests that the top three common skills desired in life sciences jobs in 2022 are communications, management, and leadership.

These skills appear most in job posting requests but seem to also appear less frequently in people’s profiles and so there is a gap in the market for people with these skills in the life science industry.

Operations, customer service, research, problem solving, sales, detail orientation, and planning round out the top 10 common skills entering 2022.

Hard Skills

There are a range of skills specific to the life sciences industry that appear frequently in job vacancy listings, and this suggests they form part of the most in-demand life science job roles.

Jobs involving pharmaceutical skills could be seen to be the most in-demand job skills as they are the ones mentioned most in job adverts suggesting a strong need for more pharmaceutically skilled life scientists. Skills in biology, good manufacturing processes (GMP), auditing, medical devices, new product development, biotechnology and process improvement are also very sought after.

Top Posted Occupations

If we consider the most advertised occupations, we can find correlation between the skills in demand and the occupations in demand. Data shows that the most posted occupations are management positions.

Clinical laboratory technicians and phlebotomists also feature in the most in-demand occupations which links to the hard skill demand for pharmaceutical skills.

Top Posted Job Titles

When considering the in-demand life sciences jobs we can look at data on the most posted job titles to give us additional insight. Phlebotomists feature first again in this data and within the top five, scientists, research associates and laboratory technicians are also mentioned.

The biological fields are also witnessing a huge increase in demand, and everything from biochemistry jobs like chemical technicians to bioengineers who maintain the lab equipment are sought after. Over the next 10 years we’ll also see a rise in the need for life science roles concerning genetics, for example, genetic counsellors who assess inherited conditions and work with a range of other specialists to discover the best course of treatment.

With a decent salary and the number of people needing basic assessment increasing, one of the main careers that is set to have lots of positions that need filling in the next decade is lab technicians. Much of the work in life sciences involves the careful analysis of samples, and clinical technologists like this form the groundwork for great discoveries and breakthroughs to be made.

As we look towards a greener and more sustainable future, with more wild space for flora and fauna to thrive, there is expected to be a heightened need for wildlife biologists too who can carefully assess the impact of development on a variety of species. This information can then be used to discover new and innovative ways to help them diversity once developed spaces.

With many positions involving these skills and industries it can be said that there is a lot of demand for highly skilled life scientists in the job market in 2022.