Finding the Right Talent Specialist

Finding the best executives and professionals for your life science company is a crucial part of ensuring success, but it can often be a long and difficult process unless you have the right help, especially when the market is changing as the economy slows down.

Many business leads turn to talent acquisition specialists in a bid to get access to the best candidates but fail to check whether they have the skills and track record that proves they are the best person to find the talent you need. Rather than falling into the trap of working with the wrong talent specialist, take a look at our advice and find out how to locate the right recruitment guru for your needs.

Understanding the Art and Science of Recruitment

Art and science are probably not the first topics that spring to mind when thinking about recruitment. However, the way that the best recruiters work can be described as an art form in its own right. Having the ability to really get an understanding of what makes people tick and then be able to use this learning to match the person not just to a specific industry, but to hone it down to the right business is something that many try to do but can’t.

It’s true that rookies can have some success with just diving right in and trying recruitment out, but these individuals do not have the knowledge or skills to back them in the long run. Instead, a trusted recruiter has the training required to be able to look beyond the surface and find people that will excel in the job you need done, to the standard you want. The science behind recruitment suggests that potential candidates will not be interested in recruiters that don’t understand their industry. A lack of knowledge around qualifications, acronyms, or industry specific jargon puts candidates off as they don’t believe the recruiter knows enough to support their career progression.

A perfect combination of art and science working together to solve your business needs. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Know What You Need and Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

So how do you find a recruiter that can do this for you? As with most things, word of mouth is an excellent method for finding a good recruiter. Asking others in the same industry who they have worked with and whether they would recommend them is a great start. You will also want to make sure that the recruiter, or their company, is visible within your industry. If you have never heard of them, or they have no presence, then it’s unlikely they can deliver what you want.

When you have identified potential recruiters it’s important that you communicate what it is you need from them. At GeneCoda®, we value everything you can tell us as a prospective employer and appreciate it when you share exactly what you are looking for as it gives us solid parameters to work within. It also allows us to understand your expectations and ensure we can meet them.

However, if you aren’t sure what you need or what you need always ends up leaving too soon or not performing the way you want then we can still help! We, like other expert recruitment teams, will work with you to understand your business, your values, and goals as well as your vacancies to create compelling narratives that we can match with our pool of qualified candidates.

Learn About Their Recruitment Process

Once you have a good idea about what you want and you’ve narrowed down your choice of recruitment firms, now is a good time to find out more about how they work. Ask them to explain the tools and methods they use for recruitment; what they know about the market you operate in and discuss previous relevant successes they’ve had to get a clear idea of whether they offer what you need.

You should also feel confident about asking for professional references, as these former clients will often tell you more about the company than they can themselves. Ultimately, you are looking for a service that will deliver top quality candidates in short order, so that you can solve your personnel issues with the right person at the right time.

At GeneCoda®, we work hard to provide an exceptional service that delivers value to clients. With years of industry experience behind us and plenty of happy clients ready to recommend us, now is a great time to get in touch and put us to the test! Contact us today to get started.