The Skills That Every Modern Leader Needs to Have

The Skills That Every Modern Leader Needs to Have







As the workplace evolves and times change, so do the skills and tools that leaders need to have to be successful. We are slowly moving away from rigid job descriptions and traditional hierarchies and working towards a collaborative and forward-thinking process that aims to motivate individuals while achieving the best outcomes. Whether you are new to leadership or have been in a leadership role for some time, it is important to reflect on your skills and work out where you need to adapt and learn. Take a moment to read about the most sought-after leadership skills to help you achieve your goals.

Communication Skills

65% of American workers say that they are satisfied with their job, and we think that communication plays a big part in this. Strong communication skills are vital in the world of work, especially when you are working hard to achieve a happy workforce. From telling the story of your business to sharing messages and getting everyone onboard, you will need to know exactly what to say and when to say it. The best communicators are active listeners to take the information that they are given and use it to further the interests of the business as well as supporting their people. When you are keen to get the best from your team, sharing your message and encouraging open dialogue is always going to be the best way to achieve success.

Empathy & Emotion Skills

In addition to being strong communicators, modern leaders need to be able to be emotionally intelligent and open to creating strong connections with their teams and their clients. Not only do emotionally intelligent people understand the feelings and concerns of others better, but they can also pre-empt and respond to issues before they arise, helping to keep everyone feeling valued and cared for. Being able to know people on an emotional level also gives leaders the capability to assess a person’s strengths and determine appropriate support to help them develop in areas where they are lacking.

Vision & Planning Skills

It’s no longer acceptable to reach a management position and stick to doing the same thing that has been done for many years before. In fact, most companies want their leaders to be able to define their vision and plans for the future before they have even been offered a job! If you are looking to achieve or retain a leadership position, you will need to be able to assess what a company needs right now and what it will need in the future and then plan accordingly. The great thing about this skill requirement is that it is one that requires collaboration with an executive team, working together to help the company innovate for success.


Our final skill is the ability to adapt in the face of change. There’s no denying that the modern workplace is constantly moving forward, and the impact of the economy threatens to topple even the most confident leader. To avoid this happening, you will need to be able to know when to stick to your plans and when to adapt and change. Being able to do this will not only help your business to stay relevant, but it will allow you to get the best outcomes for everyone involved in your company.

At GeneCoda®, we work with companies to find skilled executives to fill leadership roles and support candidates to keep their skills up to date and in line with market demands. If you are keen to discuss your requirements, then our team would love to hear from you – get in touch today and let us help you lead the way.