The Role of Coaching in the Workplace

The Role of Coaching in the Workplace





All business leaders want to ensure that their teams are happy, effective, and producing great outcomes, but to do this, they need to be willing to invest in achieving these goals. The modern workplace is diverse and interesting, and individuals come to employment with different support needs. Still, one type of support that appears to be providing something great for everyone is workplace coaching. We looked at the role of coaching in the workplace so that you can decide if it is a good fit for your organization.

What is Workplace Coaching?

Workplace coaching is a system that provides employees with a coach who can help them develop the tools and knowledge they need to do their jobs well and provide a critical friend relationship when they have issues that need to be resolved. Workplace coaching is often used as part of a wider leadership strategy to help achieve the company’s goals. Over 70% of companies that have used workplace coaching state that it has improved communication, relationships, and work performance!

Workplace coaches tend to have specific coaching qualifications and can either be external coaches that visit the company regularly or internal coaches selected from the management pool. Each coach will have a specific remit, but they tend to focus on employee engagement, supporting individuals to adhere to the company’s aims and objectives, and supporting employees to achieve specific workplace goals.

How Can Workplace Coaching Support My Business?

The modern workplace is highly competitive, with candidates working hard to show off what makes them special, leaving many people feeling stressed or worried about their future with a company. Workplace coaches are hired to support everyone to achieve their goals and help everyone with their own specific needs, making your place of work far more effective and successful.

As we move away from specific job roles and work towards greater levels of collaboration, workplace coaches are best placed to help people work on transferring their skills to fit with this new ethos. The best thing about workplace coaching is that it leaves individuals feeling far more valued and wanting to do their utmost to achieve great results. It also provides a workforce that is more likely to remain in post rather than looking to your competitors for employment. In fact, 96% of companies that invested in coaching state that they have seen such great results that they would repeat it when needed.

Combining Coaching with Recruitment

Once you have a successful coaching strategy in place, it is important to cascade that down through the organization so that everyone has the opportunity to develop. This is also important when it comes to recruiting new candidates and finding out whether they have been coached or if it is something that they should access as soon as they start.

At GeneCoda®, we fully support the workplace coaching method and can team up with you to source the right people for your executive roles who will also support coaching in the workplace. Why don’t you arrange a time to discuss your needs with us and let us find the perfect match for your vacancy? We look forward to working with you!