Developing Resilience in an Economic Crisis – How Employees Can Show Their Value

Developing Resilience in an Economic Crisis How Employees Can Show Their Value






Facing an economic downturn is difficult, especially when you are concerned that your job may be at risk. However, this is a fact that many Americans are now having to face, with 59% of people believing that we are already in an economic recession. If you are concerned about what the future holds for you in the workplace, then we have some advice that will help you retain your value in a competitive market – check out our tips now.

Don’t Stop Doing What You Do

One of the biggest problems that employers say they are worried about is that their teams will stop working effectively due to concerns that they may lose their jobs. If your workplace has started talking about layoffs, then it is essential that you find the strength to keep doing what you are paid to do, as if you don’t, it could have an even worse impact on the company’s finances and your collective future.

Find New Ways to Do Things

Another great way to show your value is to provide your bosses with information that can help them save money. As you go about your work tasks, you are sure to have ideas on how things could be streamlined and developed, and it’s these ideas that are incredibly valuable to your leadership team. If you have ideas about new ways to do your jobs that could benefit the business, then arrange a time to talk to your executives and share your ideas, they will not only appreciate your insight, but you could genuinely help the company push forward even in financially tough times.

Develop Your Transferrable Skills

Some of the most successful people will tell you that they had to pivot to find their success, and this is never more true than in a financial crisis. Rather than panicking about whether your job is safe or not, take the time to be proactive and develop your transferrable skills. Doing this will not only mean you are more employable if you find yourself out of work, but it also means that you may be able to take on a new role within the organization if it is restructured. Talk to your team and your executives to see which skills are most in demand, and then focus on those as your priority.

Talk to the Right People

It’s normal to feel stressed and disappointed when the threat of recession causes your employment to become less safe. However, don’t fall into the trap of moaning and griping with anyone that will listen, as this will not only lower your motivation but will have a detrimental impact on others too. If you do have concerns that need to be addressed, then it is essential that you take them to your superiors and work through it with them in private, helping you to prove that you are a team player who understands the need for change.

Be Realistic About the Future

If you have been told that layoffs are a real possibility, then it may be time to evaluate your position at the company and decide if you want to stay or move on to something new. There is no shame in deciding to leave, but it is important that you find a secure job to go to so that you don’t find yourself in the same position a few months down the line. If you are ready to take the next step into an executive life science position, then get in touch with a recruitment specialist team like GeneCoda®, who can help you make the right decisions and assist with locating positions that offer what you need.